If you are looking at moving into or improving your eCommerce capability you will likely have come across the Shopify platform. If you want to sell digital goods with Shopify, this is perfectly doable but not immediately obvious how to set up. But although digital stores are its bread and butter, Shopify also offers point-of-sale hardware and tools… Read More

Beware of claims that brain training can improve your memory. Just 35 minutes of moderately intense running, rowing, or other aerobic exercise primes your brain for peak intellectual performance by balancing neurochemicals that contribute to cognitive functioning. One study found lawn-mowing releases a chemical that relieve stress and might even bo… Read More

With a huge array of options from die cut lettering to large printed wall graphics, or removable vinyl decals for a temporary space all the way to custom printed wallpapers. Printing adhesive wall graphics now provides interior decorators with a unique opportunity to create photo realistic wall paper or custom shaped contoured wall prints for li… Read More

Children in Virginia playing hand games at school. You start off with the action for most clapping games, then clap your right hand with your partner's right hand, next clap your hands, then clap your left hand with your partner's left hand and then clap your hands twice. Por aquí pasó un caballo is a traditional Spanish hand clapping game that b… Read More

Best friends are one of the nicest things in life. So to introduce Jess to El Willmer I thought we better do the best friend tag! The principles are very simple, you ask questions to that person and then he asks you the questions. Most folks are relieved with questions they can answer, so start simple and break the ice, then let them know you are s… Read More